How fast of internet do you need for netflix?

Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms out there, but it does require some kind of connection to the Internet. How much speed do you need to stream Netflix?
Here’s a list to help you figure out how fast you need to connect to the Internet:

1. Check Your Connection Speed
You can test your current connection speed by visiting Simply enter your address and click “Start Test.”

2. Determine What Type of Service You Need
Once you find your current connection speed, you’ll need to decide what type of service you need. There are four different types of broadband connections: DSL, cable modem, fiber optic, and satellite. Each of these options provides varying speeds and costs.

DSL – High-Speed Broadband
DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. This type of high-speed broadband uses telephone lines to provide access to the Internet. DSL providers typically charge monthly fees based on the amount of bandwidth used. For instance, a provider may charge $50 per month for 1 Mbps download speed and $25 per month for 512 Kbps upload speed.

Cable Modem – Cable Modems
Cable modems allow users to receive television programming over the same line that carries phone calls. They also allow users to share files and printers with other computers on the network. Many cable modems come bundled with TV packages. However, you can purchase standalone cable modems. These devices usually cost around $40-$60.

Fiber Optic – Fiber Optics
This type of high-speed Internet requires special hardware called a fiber optic splitter. With fiber optics, you’ll receive a dedicated line directly to your home. Fiber optic providers typically charge monthly fees ranging from $20-$100.
Satellite – Satellite Internet
Satellite Internet connects homes to the Internet via satellites orbiting Earth. Providers of satellite Internet typically charge monthly fees between $80-$150.
3. Choose the Right Provider
Now that you’ve decided what type of service you’re looking for, you’ll need to choose a provider. Here are some things to consider when choosing a provider:

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